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A company is judge best by the attitude and conduct of all its site manpower. Since our company is engaged as a Main Contractor with the adequate experience in the construction and maintenance of the building works, we have a particular obligation to develop effective systems and procedure for use on all our projects to ensure that all construction activities are performed perfectly all right.

This method statement is for guidance in the performance of the essential construction operations with the higher professional level and efficiency, integrating quality and safety with production. In the execution of the work company fulfills requirement of tender proposal concerning scope and applicable standards and QNBS general specifications without repeating the same, here is given description of the some main activities and method statement for their execution. Detailed scope, duration, manpower, and equipment dedicated for the implementation of these methods are given in appropriate parts of bid. These method statements do not cover all conditions that may arise when work is in progress and cannot be a complete work guide. Additional procedures or recommendations will be incorporated upon a contract award.



All Company’s employees engaged in the performance of the project shall be informed shall be informed of the conditions of available public and private roads, required permits and either limitation that may affect transportation and access to the job sites. The rite of way for access over routes or land for construction purpose shall be provided by the Engineer and local authorities. Where existing roads are available for the company’s use care taken to meet the locally required conditions properly. Eventual fences on the right of way can be removed, where necessary precautions shall be taken for the safety of personnel and keeping employees fully informed of the work situations including safe work limits. All electrical circuits and equipment shall be considered energized until disconnected from all sources of electrical energy, A clearance obtained, and the circuits and/or equipment properly grounded. Prior to commencement of work, company’s representative shall verify that the circuit is de-energized. All phases of both sides of the work area have to be grounded. Single phase grounds are prohibited. Company’s representative holding the ”clearance” shall be personally responsible to ensure the proper placement and removal of the protective grounds.


Machinery and other mobile equipment shall be operated only by persons trained and authorized by the Company. Equipment operations are responsible for the safe operation of equipment at all time. Any unsafe condition of the vehicles are reported and corrected before use. Professional’s drivers are engaged and they make every effort to avoid any accident even though the other part may be at fault. Riding on equipment is prohibited unless a safe place to ride is provided. Getting on or off equipment while in motion is prohibited. Before any machinery or mechanized equipment is initially used on the job, it is inspected and tested by qualified company’s personnel to determine equipment’s safe operating condition and usability at site. Equipment is operated where it is possible to bring such equipment or any part of the equipment within 5 meters of any voltage line or installation unless at least one of the following safety precautions have been taken. The Engineers has been notified, the line de-energized and grounded and positive control measures taken to prevent energization of the line during the progress of the work. Adequate guards or barriers have been erected or exist to prevent the equipment or any part thereof from approaching closer than clearances officially listed for energized conductors. These guards or barriers provide positive prevention of contact and not rely on visual observations.


To reduce hazards in all operations where there is an exposure to hazardous conditions the employees are responsible for wearing appropriate personnel safety equipment like safety belts, hard hats, safety shoes, gloves, etc. Employees using such protective equipment’s are inspected daily. Any employee who suffers an injury during work is promptly reported to the person in-charge. Appropriate First Aid is provided. Elimination of unsafe acts and conditions is the only sure way of preventing personnel injuries. Where a hazard cannot be removed or corrected, adequate safety precautions are taken.

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